Monday, January 1, 2018

Update: January 8, 2019

This web site (one of my first on the web) is now 12 years old and outdated. Many of the photos are no longer showing because I made the mistake of uploading them to PhotoBucket years ago. In 2017 they decided to change their service and try to extort $300 A YEAR from me. Which is to say, if I don't pay them $300 a year, they don't allow the pictures to be visible any more. That's absurd and I'm no fan of Photobucket. 

The good news is that this plan book is still in print and available from me (Herrick Kimball) at Planet Whizbang. And the inexpensive PDF download of the book is also available. CLICK HERE for details.

One of these days I will make a new and updated web site. Until then, my apologies.