Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bantry Bay Farm's Whizbang Garden Cart

Congrats to Luke McLean at Bantry Bay Farm in Bayside, New Brunswick, Canada for building a Whizbang Garden Cart, and putting it to good use on their farm. Bantry Bay grows a variety of produce and sells direct to the community via a local farmer's market and CSA. The picture above shows the Bantry Bay Whizbang with a load of parsnip tops. I love to see pictures of the Whizbang at work!

Back in March of this year, Luke wrote the following in the farm's blog:

"Mike and I built a garden cart. Now, we didn't really know how to build a garden cart, but there was quite a bit of information on the internet, including a guy with his own blog and manual on how to build a good garden cart almost entirely from common building supplies. He calls it the Whizbang Garden cart. We ordered his manual and built ourselves a whizbang. I'm glad we did, because it's really a great cart. I doubt it would have been as durable or balanced had we built it on our own. We'll post some pictures at a later date. If you're interested in building your own, or just learning more about garden carts, here's his link:"

Nice cart, Luke. Your Bantry Bay Whizbang is now officially entered in the 2008 Whizbang Garden Cart Contest.

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