Saturday, November 15, 2008

A North Carolina Beauty...

Wow, there’s another beautiful Whizbang Garden Cart! That one was made by Dana Buckley in North Carolina. Dana wrote this about the plucker planbook:

"Thanks for writing such great, easy to follow instructions!  It wasn't hard to build at all."
And here is what she wrote about making the cart:
"I built this Whizbang garden cart with a little help from my husband and my dad (my dad has a table saw), but mostly by myself. I had a hard time finding the metal j-bead and I had to order the metal rod for the axle. No one around here had anything longer than three feet in stock. I think finding the j-bead was the hardest part of the project. I had wanted a nice garden cart for awhile, but when we got the horses this year, I really needed one. My daughter and I use it a lot. It is great to carry feed from the car to the barn and carry hay out to the pasture in the winter. It also makes a nice muck cart. I decided to stain it red to match the barn. But the wood I bought for the handles had such pretty grain, I couldn't cover it up. So I used a transparent, natural color stain on them. I think it turned out really nice."
It sure did turn out really nice, Dana. Thanks for your inspiring example.

You are now officially entered in this year’s Whizbang Garden Cart Contest. Thanks

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