Saturday, May 5, 2007

It's A Big Capacity Garden Cart

My Whizbang Garden Cart plans tell you how to make a cart that will hold a lot. The following picture shows what I mean. That's yours truly with my Whizbang Cart. It has eight straw bales in it. The cart will transport that many bales if you secure them with a ratcheting nylon strap. Use a strap with hooks on the ends and they will conveniently lock around the side of the cart at the bottom.

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The weight capacity of the cart is around 400 pounds. I don't think the straw bales weigh that much. If I had three more bales of straw, I could have stacked them on the handle-end of the cart. There was room, and the cart would have handled the weight. Here's another picture...

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You'll notice in the above photo that I'm now using a lot of effort to hold the cart(one finger does it). That's because the cart is perfectly balanced at that point. It does take some effort to roll eight bales stacked that high. But the point here is that the Whizbang garden cart will hold a lot. And it rolls easier than most any other hand cart with that kind of load.

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