Thursday, May 24, 2007

Whizbang Picnic Table Mover

Years ago, when my wife Marlene and I were just married and I was starting out in the building trades, we lived with Marlene’s parents, Jay and Evelyn Myers. It was not a bad thing living with my inlaws. Jay and Evelyn were good people and staying with them for a few years allowed us to save enough money to buy some land. Then Marlene and I built our home (I tell about this in my book Writings of a Deliberate Agrarian).

Marlene’s parents lived on a busy road. I decided to take advantage of the traffic and make some extra money by making and selling picnic tables. I made the tables in Jay’s barn out behind the house. Then I put one out by the road with a sign and the price. They sold very well. When we eventually moved into our own home, I stopped selling the tables, and Jay took over the business. He was a retired diary farmer looking for something to do. Making the tables was just perfect for him.

Well, Jay passed away ten years ago, but Marlene and I still have one of the 8-foot-long picnic tables he made. It’s showing it’s age but is still together and functional . It’s also heavy and hard to move, which brings me to the Whizbang Picnic Table Mover.

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That’s my 12-year-old son, James, with the very heavy and awkward picnic table on our Whizbang Garden Cart. I put it on the cart myself by simply tipping one side up, positioning the cart up to the tipped table, and flopping it over onto the cart. It’s a simple thing to do once you’ve done it. The extended corner blocks (which I call “horns”) on the dump-end of the cart secure the table so it doesn’t slide off. Wheeling it around is a whole lot easier than trying to carry it. Here’s another picture….

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This story illustrates the incredible versatility of the Whizbang. To learn more about the Whizbang Garden Cart and find out how you can get a copy of the book, Anyone Can Build A Whizbang Garden Cart, click on this link.

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