Sunday, May 27, 2007

How Long Does it Take to Build a Whizbang Garden Cart?

Life is busy. Most all of us have a lot going on, especially if we are active in the garden or on a homestead. That means, if you need a garden cart, you probably don't have time to make your own. That's what you might be thinking to yourself as you consider this project. But, listen to me here.... you really should take the time for this little project. Let me tell you why:

First, the garden cart you make, using my step-by-step plans, is going to be a whole lot better cart than you can buy. It is stronger and tougher and more versatile. I have posted several stories to this blog illustrating these qualities. And I'll have a lot more stories to post in the weeks ahead.

Second, you should build this cart because you're going to be very pleased with yourself after you are finished. I say that at the risk of sounding trite or hokey because it's just plain true. Modern men (and women) rarely build things with their own hands and skills anymore. It's a whole lot easier to simply purchase all of our needs and wants, already prepared for us, from some place that specializes in fulfilling our needs and wants. But something important is lost when we do that. We loose the pleasure of creating with our own hands. We loose that quality of life that comes with creating for ourselves.

Third, your example is going to inspire others. When your friends and relatives see your homemade Whizbang Garden Cart, they are going to admire it and ask about it. You're going to tell them you made it yourself, and this will absolutely amaze them because nobody makes their own garden cart. As they take a closer look at your cart, one of two things will enter their mind. They will either see how simple the cart design is and begin to think that maybe they could actually build such a cart themselves, or they are going to think that maybe you can make them a cart too. This is where you tell them about my Whizbang Garden Cart plan book. You can even loan them your copy of the book (but I'd rather you encouraged them to buy their own copy from me). Whatever the case, you will have inspired your fellow man.

Fourth, and finally, you should build your own Whizbang Garden Cart because it is so doggone easy to do when you follow my plans, AND the project really won't take you all that long to complete.

If you have some basic woodworking tools and skills and experience, you can make the cart in a few hours. If it weren't for the need to wait for the polyurethane glue to dry before proceeding to different steps, I could personally build one of these garden carts in three hours. But, yes, I'm a master Whizbang Garden Cart Builder, so that's not a fair time to tell you.

So how about twice that--Six hours. Spread out over a few evenings, so the glue can have time to dry between steps. I think that amount of time will suffice for most folks.

Now, let me quickly add one caveat... if you are building the garden cart with a child or grandchild you don't want to rush it. Building a Whizbang Garden Cart is an excellent adult-child building project, and when that is the case, forget the time. Some things are just more important.

Oh, one more thing. We'll call it reason #5 for why you need to take time to build your own Whizbang Garden cart... It's a downright good value. You can build your own Whizbang Garden Cart for less than the cost of a factory-made cart, a cart that isn't nearly as solid and durable as the Whizbang.


If you would like to learn more about the Whizbang Garden Cart and purchase a copy of the book, Anyone Can Build A Whizbang Garden Cart, CLICK HERE.

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