Sunday, May 27, 2007

What Are The Dimensions of The Whizbang Garden Cart?

My Whizbang Garden Cart is modeled after the old Garden Way Model #26, which is widely considered to be the best garden cart ever made. The Whizbang is, however, not an exact replica.

In the process of developing a cart that could be made by the average person with common woodworking tools and skills (instead of not-so-common metalworking tools & skills), and a cart that made efficient use of the fewest amount of materials, I needed to make some design modifications. But the Whizbang cart I came
up with maintains the three most endearing features of the old Model #26.Those features are a large carrying capacity, light weight, and great balance.

That said, many people who are interested in making their own Whizbang Garden Cart wonder what the cart’s actual dimensions are. Here are some of the critical measurements:

The total length of the cart, including the handle, is 69”

The total width of the cart, whcih means the distance from the end of the tire axle on one side to the end of the tire axle on the other side, is around 43-3/4”

The height of the cart from ground to the top of the plywood side is 28-3/4”

The inside-the-box height of the sides is 11-3/8"

The inside width of the plywood box (between both sides) is 33”

The length of the bottom of the cart, inside the box, is 48”

The length of the cart side panels is 43”

The clearance under the cart is 12-3/4”

I hope that helps those of you who are needing to know the dimensions of this cart.

To learn more about the cart and find out how you can order a copy
of my 45-page Whizbang Garden Cart construction manual, CLICK HERE

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